Strategic Leadership Development

Effective leadership is critical to a company’s growth and success. Like any other corporate asset it must be leveraged. Companies spend a lot of money on ineffective leadership training programs that don’t achieve the desired results. To work, programs must be relevant, well designed and executed, and based on the day-to-day reality of the roles.

There’s no such thing as a standardized program. An effective leadership model should be focused on the ‘vital few’ game changing capabilities and behaviours required to achieve that company’s business needs and strategy, and also be connected to its issues and challenges. Building leadership capacity involves a systemic and long-term focus on activities that produce the highest impact. It requires an aspirational approach, that helps leaders leverage their strengths and manage their vulnerabilities.

The process of developing leaders needs to supported and actively managed, planned and overseen by the CEO and executives. This includes role modeling, rewarding desired behaviours, and motivating and enabling leaders to learn new skills, and let go of old ways.

John Swain and his associates can help you build leadership capacity and capability to drive your strategy by:

  • Designing and delivering a Customized High Impact Leadership Learning Program
  • Designing the process and providing Onboarding and Executive Role Transition Support
  • Providing Executive Action Coaching

Read about our innovative, customized Strategic Leadership Development solutions in action.

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John partnered with me to establish a ground breaking and intensive development program to build global leadership capabilities in our future executives. Due to the success of this program, now in its third year with plans for continuing, he also worked with us to develop a program for leaders in unique global “transversal” roles to build capabilities to achieve results through influence. Thanks to John’s expertise, practical creativity, engaging facilitation style and ability to understand and challenge our culture he has definitely accelerated the development of our cadre of senior leaders

Corporate VP, Training and Career Management Global French-owned Manufacturer

John played a critical role in helping me to transition a number of newly-hired executives on my senior team., He developed an innovative best practice onboarding program which both accelerated their effectiveness into their roles and minimized the transition risks frequently the case in such situations he quickly won the trust of the people involved and his efforts created a smooth transition for everyone.

National Managing Director Global Pharmaceutical Company

As part of the transformation journey we are on to create a high performance culture John and his associates designed and delivered the most impactful leadership development program in our company’s history. So much so, it was featured as one of the key drivers behind our company being named a Top 100 employer. We’ve engaged John repeatedly over the past 10 years to produce innovative best practice learning processes that help leaders transform their behaviour. He is extremely responsive, and takes time to understand issues before he develops solutions. In every case, he has masterfully garnered the respect of our senior executives and leadership throughout the company.

Executive Energy Utility