Meeting Design & Facilitation

Despite the virtual nature of our contemporary working world, nothing can replace the power and impact of an effective large group meeting or retreat. With travel, accommodation and work piling up at home offices, this is an expensive proposition that shouldn’t be taken lightly, nor avoided. Having a clear vision about your meeting objectives, developing an innovative and effective design to maximize in-person time, and having this professionally facilitated will greatly improve its chances of success. You want all participants to exclaim, “That was a great use of my time!”

Effective facilitation of such meetings needs to reside at the intersection of knowledgeable expertise about the meeting topics as well as attention to the engagement processes used to achieve the objectives. Whether your priorities include change management planning, conducting focus group meetings involving multiple stakeholders, team building, enterprise communication, strategic/business planning or executive development, a well-designed and facilitated retreat will enable you to accelerate your agenda.

John and his associates deliver high impact meetings that engage and energize including:

  • Executive Retreats
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Business Planning

John also offers a unique high impact corporate teambuilding program for groups of 25-65 called “It’s Your Business Blues.” For more information click here.

Read about our innovative, customized Meeting Design and Facilitation solutions in action.

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Over the years John and his associates have developed and facilitated innovative meeting designs connected to a variety of different initiatives including senior leadership forums, planning and educational workshops, and company conferences. He has taken the time to ‘get’ our business and understands what we need, then goes beyond our original ask to produce amazing results. He genuinely cares about us, and helping us move forward. He is a willing, accessible partner. In every instance, he’s exceeded our expectations and won the respect of participants through his engaging and personable style.

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