Executive Team Mastery

Complex demands involved in managing and leading an enterprise mean CEOs are turning to their executive teams as a way to extend their leadership and supplement their own skills and expertise. But an executive team structure alone is no guarantee of executive team success. Like it or not, top teams are in public life – what they signal in word and action gets amplified in the broader organization. When executive teams are designed effectively and work well together, they can be exceptionally valuable for an organization’s success and achievement. When they don’t, they can dangerously sub-optimize organization performance.

An executive team’s success is rooted in its design – its composition, mandate, accountability, visibility, politics and leadership – which is ultimately driven by the senior team leader – the CEO or otherwise. Executive team mastery involves having the right people, employing the right processes, managing the right value added work, in the right context.

John and his associates can help you build and sustain an effective top team through:

  • Designing Executive Team Governance and supporting the Launch
  • Increasing Top Team Alignment

Read about our innovative, customized Executive Team Mastery solutions in action.

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The development of our corporate leadership team  in order to meet the opportunity for growth required us to take a more collective  leadership approach, mindset and change in behavior and we needed an experienced and trusted advisor to help us.  .John and his associate used a data-driven approach, including team psychometrics and interviews, to analyze the current readiness of the team members to take this next step and also gather their ideas for the value added role of the executive team. They used this to design and facilitate a two-day retreat for this cautious group, helping to drive collective accountabilities, team goals and operating principles. Through this process, they were able to significantly deepen the candor amongst the executive team and develop outcomes which are truly owned and committed to by all.

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