Collaborative Strategy Development

The success of strategy development is much more about the quality of implementation versus the brilliance of the strategic focus and ideas. A brilliant strategy that is poorly executed is quite simply… a bad strategy. Most of the time the seeds of a new strategy already exist within the heads and hearts of your leaders – they simply need an effective process to be liberated and applied. It’s important for organizations to find the right process for developing new strategies – one that is informed by existing data (supplemented if required), creative rather than recycled, and most importantly, earns the support and commitment of those who will implement the new plan.

Leaders want a logical, structured and collaborative process to map the future, grounded in informed decisions and constructive debate. Let’s face it – people like and will more easily commit to their own strategic ideas anyway. Once this foundation is built, it will lead to successful strategic planning and execution.

John and his associates can help you chart a clear strategic direction, with a focus on full commitment and ability to execute through:

  • Designing and facilitating a Strategy Articulation and Alignment process
  • Identifying a Strategy Implementation change plan
  • Establishing Change Management Design with Monitoring

Read about our innovative, customized Collaborative Strategy Development solutions in action.

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Six months into my new role, I felt it was time to review the focus and direction of our people strategy and HR organization. I engaged John to design and facilitate an efficient and engaging process to identify the key HR levers for competitive advantage within our organization and build an implementation plan including the HR organization design. The process enabled us to make strategic decisions that were informed and that we were confident were the right ones and, most importantly, built the shared commitment of my team. Through his innovative support, experience and disarmingly personable style, he fit right in with the team. And for me, he was a critical sounding board I turned to in helping me think through our people strategy and HR organization.

Corporate Senior Vice President, HR Large North American Energy Company

With a new strategic acquisition we had just doubled the size of our company. It was obvious at that point that it was time to reset our five year growth and that we needed some outside guidance in doing so.  John and his associates were our clear choice to help design, lead and facilitate a strategic planning process that would both harness the synergies of the now larger enterprise and also accelerate a needed cultural integration between both companies.  His design fostered a collective focus that enabled us to build both relationship and commercial bridges across our businesses and establish a platform for growth.  Execution was going to be key to success. John and his associates designed the planning process to engage all of our top leaders in cross-functional teams which accelerated a shared understanding of the strategic choices thus positioning all leaders to quickly move to implementation.  In fact, the benefit of this process is still working well for us three years later. With a keen understanding of our challenges, John was able to devise a solution that our leadership teams have extracted lasting value from.

President & CEO National Professional Services Firm