John Swain and Associates

Strategic Leadership Development

Effective leadership is critical to a company’s growth and success. Like any other corporate asset it must be leveraged. Companies spend a lot of money on ineffective leadership training programs that don’t achieve the desired results. To work, programs must be relevant, … Read More

Executive Talent Management

It’s not uncommon for CEOs, CTOs and CHROs to feel wary about whether they have the right people to succeed the top executive roles and lead their organizations into the future. Decisions on talent investments, like any investment, are not … Read More

Collaborative Strategy Development

The success of strategy development is much more about the quality of implementation versus the brilliance of the strategic focus and ideas. A brilliant strategy that is poorly executed is quite simply… a bad strategy. Most of the time the … Read More

Executive Team Mastery

Complex demands involved in managing and leading an enterprise mean CEOs are turning to their executive teams as a way to extend their leadership and supplement their own skills and expertise. But an executive team structure alone is no guarantee … Read More

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Despite the virtual nature of our contemporary working world, nothing can replace the power and impact of an effective large group meeting or retreat. With travel, accommodation and work piling up at home offices, this is an expensive proposition that … Read More