Executive Team Mastery

Large Private North-American Manufacturing Company: Co-led a six month process to design and build the effectiveness of the executive team as a result of a new external CEO coming into place. This was done in parallel as the executive team and several other company leaders were involved in developing a new strategic direction for the enterprise, thus time was at a premium and so meeting for any multi-day offsite meetings was virtually impossible. The solution my team-mate and I developed was to conduct a series of five half-day custom-designed monthly modules could evolve to complement the stage of their strategy development. The focus of this work was to help this “new” executive team think and act as an integrated high performing enterprise team. The modules leveraged both strategic executive leadership content on topics like leading enterprise change, transformational leadership and top team governance as well as utilizing diagnostics and interventions to accelerate interpersonal trust with each other. The modules were designed with team development assignments in between modules to force the executives to do real work together in different groupings. By the end of this process the executive team had notably elevated their cohesiveness as a team, increased the degree of honesty in their exchanges and ultimately shifted their mindset and level of engagement to being a true enterprise team to execute their aggressive strategy and organization transformation.

North American HR Service Company – Worked with the CEO to engage his senior executive members in a team development initiative. This involved leveraging insights from a series of individual interviews and a team diagnostic instrument leading to a custom-designed facilitated two-day off-site retreat. The output resulted in defining the value-added role of the senior executive team in driving new growth that was understood and committed to by all.

Large Health Centre in Atlantic Canada – Co-led the design/facilitation of a transformation process undertaken by the CEO and senior leadership team to shape the new direction of this health care centre. This included conducting a needs assessment, working with the senior team members to define their strategic change agenda and developing a leadership profile aligned with their vision. From this, we designed and delivered a series of leadership development workshops and facilitated large group sessions to engage institutional medical and administrative leaders in the strategic change process to accelerate understanding and buy-in.

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