Executive Talent Management

National Exposition/Fair Organization: Led the design and deliverables associated with a strategic initiative to evaluate internal executives as potential candidates for the role of being the next CEO for Canada’s largest exposition and fair organization. Utilizing input from and working collaboratively with the key Board leaders and the current CEO on the future strategic direction of the organization a new CEO leadership capability profile was created and a 12 month roadmap from assessment to selection was outlined. The roadmap included a thorough and objective feedback process using select psychometrics, a customized multi-rater tool based on the CEO profile and an intensive half-day assessment session with each candidate which included an in-depth life interview, in-box exercise and review of a strategy paper each one wrote. Individual feedback reports were created synthesizing assessment insights and were shared initially with the Board leaders and then with each candidate along with a recommended development plan. Throughout the process I provided all communication support to all key stakeholders as well as specific guidance and coaching to the Board leaders and the current CEO on selection and succession ‘choreography’ and change management. At the conclusion of this work the Board did select our recommended executive to succeed as the new CEO who is currently in place doing a wonderful job.

Canadian-based International Energy Utility – Co-led the design and delivery of a comprehensive executive assessment process – one of the most significant investments in executive development ever implemented by the company. This included supporting the CEO and EVP HR to engage all seven members of the executive team (three of whom were deemed to be potential CEO candidates) and eleven other potential executive candidates in the assessment process, designing and conducting all the elements of an elaborate assessment centre, writing detailed assessment reports and conducting talent reviews with the senior executive team and HR committee for the Board. From the psychometrics, interviews and leadership profiles, final recommendations for both development and advancement were provided enabling the senior team and Board to manage their executive talent risks and be confident in their succession decisions.

Global Insurance Company – Developed a talent and learning strategy with the Head of HR of the national subsidiary of a global insurance company. This involved designing and facilitating the process to identify key gaps and opportunities, articulate the vision, mission and strategic imperatives and develop and launch an executive Advisory Council to support the talent/learning strategy. For the first time this work was able to bring the various learning and talent activities into a seamless integrated strategy.

Large North American Energy Company – Designed and launched a half-day career development workshop to help employees to take stock of their talents, purpose and values and take charge of their career direction through a career development map. This was in response to some disappointing scores in the company’s annual employee engagement survey highlighting career development as a key gap. This workshop was designed to be facilitated by company staff and is currently being offered to its 6000 employees with very positive results.

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