Strategic Leadership Development

Global Healthcare & Life Sciences Company – Led the design and delivery of an extensive and intensive action learning leadership development program for high potential leaders from the EMEA region of the company and designed to provide senior management with recommendations for growing the company brand in Germany. This included design collaboration with the global head of leadership development, assessment-based individual executive coaching, large group facilitation and coaching for action learning team effectiveness. The recommendations were heartily endorsed by the senior team and the cadre of leaders was energized with new insights about their leadership in the company.

National Healthcare & Life Sciences Company – Led the design and delivery of a best practice onboarding program for three newly-hired executives in order to accelerate their assimilation and role effectiveness. This involved developing individual transition plans informed by stakeholder interviews, leadership psychometrics, action coaching over a six month time period and an in-depth 360 evaluation of the entire process at its conclusion to inform the next stage of action planning.

France-based Global Wire and Cable Manufacturer – Led an international team of leadership consultants to provide a needs assessment, and design/deliver an intensive, multi-session, multi-geography strategic and customized executive leadership program for top future executive leaders from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. This included launching international action learning teams working on strategic company projects and coaching them to develop and leverage a global mindset and work as an effective global team. This program his now entering into its fourth year and has led to a strong leadership benchstrength of future executives many whom have gone on to take over major businesses and functions within the company

U.S.-based International Engineering Energy Services Company – Led a team to design and deliver a strategic customized executive leadership program for the top 150 executives of this fast-growing energy service company with operations in over 20 countries world-wide. This one week program, delivered three times a year over three years, had a focus on developing a mindset and set of capabilities and tools to be growth leaders for the future.

Regional Energy Utility Company – Led the design and development of a customized leadership program for 350 frontline and senior leaders over the course of 18 months to help the company build and drive a high performance organization. The program engaged large cohorts of leaders in a series of multi-day workshops, leadership psychometrics, peer coaching and project work over a four month period. The program was so successful it was highlighted as a significant factor leading to the company’s recognition as a Top 100 employer in Canada. This also developed and aligned the entire leadership cadre around the desired high performance culture they were seeking. This program is now being extended to be a focus in the current year’s leadership development planning

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