Meeting Design & Facilitation

Large National Online Retail Bank – Led the needs analysis, design and facilitation of a two-day leadership offsite for the top 60 leaders of the largest online retail bank in the country and which had just been purchased by a larger traditional bank.  After conducting a series of interviews with key leaders at the executive and director levels to identify the primary issues and challenges, I collaborated with the head of OD to work with a design committee to design this offsite. The meeting had to both develop the leaders to manage the imminent change of being acquired with their teams and also enable them to celebrate their profound accomplishments to date.  The two-day offsite was highly engaging highlighted by change leadership training sessions, several opportunities to celebrate their accomplishments and an evening team-building experience where teams got to write and perform their own blues songs backed by a hot R&B band (See It`s Your Business Blues  The meeting was a huge success.

Regional Gas Storage and Transmission Utility – Led a team over eight years to work with the senior team and assist with their change and culture shift efforts through a variety of initiatives. This included designing and facilitating large group multi-day workshops for 90 top managers (and sometimes union leaders) to help them understand the de-regulated energy market, conducting workshops to build skills to lead a high-performance safety culture and facilitate union-management sessions to understand and live the corporate values. Also led projects that have included conducting a needs analysis and designing/facilitating interventions to increase the speed of adoption of a new structure, working with cross-functional teams to resolve safety issues while learning the role teamwork plays in building a safety culture and supporting the change management of a new work management technology implementation.

North American Professional Services Firm – Designed and facilitated a two-day conference of the top 80 senior leaders held annually by a large growing national professional services firm. The conference was focused on both motivating and engaging these leaders to transform the company as well as identifying and building shared alignment around the key long term strategies to achieve this. This involved designing multiple break-out sessions on specific topics, integrating the messages/principles from two major keynote speakers and facilitating the large group interaction in addition to supplemental activities.

North American Energy Company – Designed and facilitated a strategic and innovative half-day workshop for the top 60 executive leaders as part of their annual leadership conference. The workshop was focused on strategic talent/career development as a primary lever to improve their employee engagement scores. The workshop included direct involvement of the company’s next generation leadership talent as well as practical sessions to equip executives to be true talent architects and coaches.

National Technology Service Company – Design and facilitated the annual one-day all company meeting with the expressed objective of identifying new customer-focused growth opportunities to leverage the capabilities of the three business units and also significantly increase employee engagement.  Unlike past meetings which had presentations from the front of the room all day, this day included a “trade fair” that featured the services of the three businesses, an in-person exchange with major customers and a series of structured small and large group sessions.  The meeting was considered the best ever held and produced a number of new growth ideas that are being considered for implementation.

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