Collaborative Strategy Development

National Medical Services Organization: Following the acquisition of a competitor a mid-size medical services company required support to develop a strategic plan for the newly merged organization with its new capabilities. I worked with the President to develop an approach to harness the intelligence and business wisdom WHILE maximize the engagement and buy-in of the senior leaders from both the acquiring and acquired companies. This involved conducting some confidential one-on-one interviews from all participating leaders to get their thoughts on the future focus and direction of the merged company and the challenges to be overcome, creating a summary report for feedback and discussion before working on the strategy and then designing and facilitating a highly interactive two-day offsite session to put the strategic plan together. At the end of the two days the strategic plan was in place and there was 100% commitment to it by all participating leaders. The President subsequently shared her plan with the executive team of the holding company her business was a part of and received extremely high praise. The plan continued to help the President and her new leadership team focus their go-to-market efforts and also accelerate the integration of the two companies for the ensuing two years.

Canadian Division of Global 100 Engineering Company – Worked with the CEO of the Canadian division of a Global 100 industrial engineering business which needed to identify new bold growth opportunities (2x growth by 2017) to make a compelling case for significant capital investment by global HQ.  This was particularly challenging as all revenue producing sectors, divisions and business unit leaders already had direct reporting relationships either regionally within North America and/or to the global headquarters in Europe. Given such opportunities would require much higher levels of cross-company collaboration and influencing there was the critical requirement to align the senior leaders in Canada around the growth strategy as well as engage them to help build a new country operating culture to drive it. A strategic framework process was devised to take place over six months with teams of select leaders working on high opportunity growth areas.  This involved designing and facilitating a series of workshops to both identify the opportunities and also generate the necessary engagement and commitment with the executive team and other senior leaders. The executive team and senior leaders not only become more aligned the growth areas identified were even more bold than the CEO anticipated and they did receive significant capital investment they from HQ.

North American HR Services Company – Co-led the design and facilitation process to help the CEO and an extended leadership team of 35 to articulate a new five year growth strategy to harness the synergies of a newly acquired company and leverage four lines of business. This involved creating the governance model to manage/direct the efforts of seven cross-functional teams, designing and facilitating several strategy workshops and supporting the completion of a strategy document presented to the Board for approval. The approach accelerated the understanding and commitment to the growth strategy by the leaders responsible for implementing it and provided a framework for business planning for several years.

Large North American Energy Company – Led the design and facilitated the process to help the company articulate their people and HR strategy. This involved conducting an in-depth needs analysis to determine the key HR levers for future competitive advantage. This also included developing an efficient and effective approach to deploy the HR leadership team to collect and analyze input from key internal stakeholders, followed by an offsite workshop to define the people strategy and inform the design of a new HR organization. This established a focus, direction and platform for value-added service for the next three years and the key priorities identified are currently being implemented in the new organization design.

National Subsidiary of Large Global Engineering Services Company – As part of a priority strategic initiative authored by the newly appointed national CEO I was engaged to design, develop and facilitate a series of meetings with his extended leadership team members to articulate a compelling national growth strategy over the next five years. The purpose of this strategy was to make a compelling case for capital investment in the country by the parent company and also accelerate local domestic growth – in fact 2x by 2016. This was particularly challenging as all revenue producing sectors, divisions and business unit leaders already had direct reporting relationships either regionally within North America and/or to the global headquarters in Europe. As a result of these efforts there a powerful aligned domestic leadership team has been developed and the efforts are now getting on the radar of the company’s global management team for strong investment consideration.

National Employee Services Company – Led the design and facilitation of a strategy offsite of company leaders to develop breakthrough innovative growth strategies to spur on strong organic growth with new products and into new markets. After consultation with company leaders an innovative workshop was developed to maximize the informed idea generation from various constituencies followed by a session to prioritize action for business planning. The implementation of the chosen strategies has already prompted sustainable double digit growth in profitable revenue within one year.

Mid-size North American Professional Services Firm – Led the design, facilitation and follow up related to the articulation of a human capital strategy to `raise the bar` on HR`s impact on the businesses and also inform a change required in the HR function itself.  This required the input and alignment of all the senior HR leaders from all operating units who would be implementing this.  The HR executive had engaged a large consulting firm earlier in the year to conduct a strategic review however the results of this were not practical and tangible enough to be implemented; thus this process had to meet those criteria…which it did.

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