How I Got Started (Part Two)

Discovering and then committing to pursuing this new field of Leadership and Organizational Development, as I indicated in Part One, does not put food on the table. For the three years that I was doing my renovation construction business, I … Read More

How I Got Started (Part One)

Over the years I’ve had meeting requests from a number of individuals aspiring to become leadership and organization development consultants. Essentially, they want to hear my story and hopefully glean some valuable insight from a seasoned professional who has had … Read More

Ineffective Senior Leaders are Maddening…and Damaging

I love what I do.  Working with senior executive leaders who have complex challenges, demanding professional (and I am sure personal) lives and significant job responsibilities is fascinating, inspiring and enlivening for me.  However, there are times and situations in … Read More

Looking to the Past to be More Effective in the Future

I am on an extended business trip in France that has necessitated me staying over the weekend.  A German colleague of mine invited me to visit him at his home in Berlin, as he knew my interest to explore this … Read More

Seasons, Cycles and Leadership

I live in Canada near Toronto and have a family cottage on a lake in a beautiful area of lakes, rocks and woods called Muskoka.  In this part of Canada there are definitely four seasons, each one about three months in … Read More

Leadership As a State of Mind

Until recently I was a partner in a large global management consulting firm.  There were two different global Managing Directors during the nine years I was there and their leadership impact was dramatically different.  By nature, a management consulting firm … Read More

What Leadership and Rhythm & Blues Have in Common

I play guitar and sing some background vocals in my band Boomerang (check us out at We play classic R&B and soul covers from the late 60s and early 70s.  What was coined ‘soul’ music back then, which mostly … Read More

Ambiguity Is Nirvana For Leaders

One of my global clients is mid-way through a major regional re-organization in Europe which is nothing short of a transformation for them.  Before the re-organization, which was announced a year ago, all functions and operations reported into a country … Read More

Is Your Leadership Actually Creating Or Destroying Sustainable Value?

I am writing this blog looking through two lenses simultaneously; one a consultant to executive leaders, and two, a person who has investments in publicly traded companies whom I am hoping will help fund my retirement.   A CEO of a … Read More

Leading in an Attention Deficit World: Give Something People Can Follow

I had a lunch recently with a colleague who is also in the field of executive development.  He is doing some personal research and writing on the challenges of leading in a virtual world filled with a multitude of distractions … Read More