We Need to be Riskier Than Grasshoppers and Elephants

There are a couple of interesting stories often used in leadership programs to illustrate how learned behaviour can affect growth and development, and especially one’s capacity to be bold and take risks.  One story describes how grasshoppers are allegedly trained.  … Read More

Executive Leadership Character Wins and Virtuosos Rule — I Knew It! (Part 2)

Just ask anyone to reflect on the impact of a past or current leader who has had positive impact on them and you won’t get “he ran good meetings“ or “she was always on time.”  You will get things like, … Read More

Executive Leadership Character Matters — I Knew It! (Part One)

Ever had an experience when you finally come across evidence that confirms, validates and substantiates a belief you hold near and dear, and know in your gut is absolutely right? Well I have just had one. Let me set the … Read More

Want Excellence in Strategy Execution? Get Your Leaders Involved

Let’s face it, people like their own ideas versus others.  Don’t you?  Furthermore, they are also more committed to implementing their ideas more than those from some external ‘experts’.  Beyond that I believe that the best ideas come from within … Read More

Learning from a Little Pain and Discomfort

A beautiful chime sounded four times, the last one drifting into space and then….profound silence.  Then I heard it. “Don’t move”.  It cut through the early morning air like a rifle shot in a cave.  There were a few more … Read More

Stop Imposing “Real Team” Governance on Executive Work Groups

A prevailing assumption by many is that the group of senior executives who together inhabit the “top team” of their company or business unit will be more effective in achieving their objectives if they consistently embody the characteristics of a … Read More

The Next Frontier: Unleash Capacity and Productivity Through People

For months and even years on end your organization has fervently focused on process re-engineering and continuous improvement. Legions of teams have analyzed and implemented current and future state process maps.  You have gone through tons of flip charts paper, … Read More

Onboarding and Upboarding Executives – Fatal Flaw #2

You have finally made your selection to fill an open executive role.  For an external hire you have invested considerable time and effort in a search firm, interviews, assessments, reference checks and offer negotiations. That is now behind you.  For … Read More

Onboarding and Upboarding Executives – Fatal Flaw #1

  “What got you here, won’t get you there.” Marshall Goldsmith The hiring and promotion of executives is a continuous process in most organizations.  I have use the commonly known term ‘Onboarding’ in the title of this entry, which is … Read More

Taking Stock of Your Year: A Leader’s Reflection

As this blog gets posted it is winter solstice eve in the northern hemisphere where I live– the longest day of darkness in the whole year – about 15 hours to be exact. The light grudgingly reverses this in six … Read More