Don’t Miss my New Leadership Blog.

Welcome to a leadership blog with a purpose and worth engaging in.

Let me begin by making a promise to you…. this blog will not be full of ponderous intellectual pontifications or trivial drivel that meanders nowhere in particular. I am John Swain and leadership and organization development has been my professional passion for over 25 years. While the world may not need another blog, the passion I have for leadership excellence drives me to share and network with those of like interest in the pursuit of progressing this field of practice. 

It is my intent to post on such things as insights and stories from client engagements (keeping confidences of course), new developments in the field that I become aware of and my perspective on relevant topics in my practice such as:

  • CEO and Executive Succession
  • Strategic Leadership Development
  • Executive Teams
  • Strategic Change

I may from time to time also talk about specific leaders or the work of other peer professionals that I interact with and am inspired by. Stories are great vehicles to convey lessons and insights and so expect these to be my main tool whenever possible. In closing this initial blog I invite you to engage in the blog dialogue – add, provoke, challenge – whatever suits you knowing you are being read.  Until next entry…


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