National Professional Services Firm

With a new strategic acquisition we had just doubled the size of our company. It was obvious at that point that it was time to reset our five year growth and that we needed some outside guidance in doing so.  John and his associates were our clear choice to help design, lead and facilitate a strategic planning process that would both harness the synergies of the now larger enterprise and also accelerate a needed cultural integration between both companies.  His design fostered a collective focus that enabled us to build both relationship and commercial bridges across our businesses and establish a platform for growth.  Execution was going to be key to success. John and his associates designed the planning process to engage all of our top leaders in cross-functional teams which accelerated a shared understanding of the strategic choices thus positioning all leaders to quickly move to implementation.  In fact, the benefit of this process is still working well for us three years later. With a keen understanding of our challenges, John was able to devise a solution that our leadership teams have extracted lasting value from.

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